Powertec POWERTEC3 EN 601 sheet metal drying hairline

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Customer Reviews

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Marie D.
Best product available at this price

The product gives value for money. It dries very fast as it has a powerful motor. Pretty good for blow drying.
One of the downsides is that it has an extreme plastic smell when turned on, and its head seems to melt without overheating.

Linda W.

Although the construction material of the product is not very high quality, it works very well. Thanks to its powerful motor, I dry it faster than other machines. It is recommended.

Ruby W.
Might be a little heavy for older ladies.Fund machine, narrow mouth.

This manufacturer seriously showed me the spoils and greed of others in the market. The product I bought is a super fund machine. I read the reviews and bought it. It blows very strong. If this manufacturer is making a profit at this price, why are the others selling at least triple? I told my brother there is a fund machine called Powertec, the price is very affordable, it works very well, he said there are already two at home so you can buy it too. She couldn't dry her 5-year-old daughter's long hair with another machine.

Carita M.
It works continuously for 4 hours.Nice machine is shooting 😁

I was a lady hairdresser. We used this brand. My waist is already injured from bending
over 😁 It's a super product for those who will use it at home. It won't be as light as other dryers. The back is cleanable and easy to disassemble.
It's good, use it because of its big power, but don't look for it, just buy it and use it bro, thank you

Deborah J.

It's the machine I've been using for years. I first saw it at my barber and bought it from him. As long as you do not leave it in a humid environment in the bathroom, use it and put it in the closet, it will work for years. When kept in a humid environment, it loses its heating feature within 2 years and only blows cold air. Definitely use it in a dry environment, use it for a very long time. Five star product.